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Herbal Incense

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7H RED (10g)
7H Red (10g) is a stronger aroma from the Diablo Family, enhancing all your senses for $49.00 ..
Based on 1 reviews.
7H RED (5g)
7H Red (5g) is a stronge aroma from the Diablo Family, enhancing all your senses for $29.00 &..
Alice In Wonderland (5g)
Made by Zencense, coming straight from the bizarro family, The Alice in Wonderland aroma is known..
$23.00 $19.99
Dead Man Walking (4g)
Dead Man Walking is back with a new look and blend! One of our strongest blends, Dead Man Walking..
Doggie Snax (10g)
Everyone's favorite aroma, Doggie Snax (formerly known as scooby snax) are a playful yet ..
G-20 (4g)
G20 - Yet another fantastic and sweet aroma G20 is truly the ultimate herbal potpourri From the m..
Joker (10g)
Joker aroma contains a new mix of hydroponic quality herbs and Botanical extracts. A blend that w..
Based on 3 reviews.
Mind Trip (10g)
Ready for a trippy aroma?  Mind Trip will have you relaxing at an instance with its wonderfu..
OMG is an Exotic Mixture of the Finest Herbs from around the world , the rave line of OMG is very..
Based on 1 reviews.
WTF  (4g)
Exotic Mixture of the Finest Herbs from around the World, also available in 10g for $43.99, and 1..
7H Blue (4g)
The 7H Blue 4g will never allow you to be depressed under any circumstances. It is your best chan..
Alice In Wonderland 3.5G
Tired of taking it easy and Looking for a Insane Extreme ride? Look no further, it will take you ..
Avalanche 3.5G
Avalanche comes in 3.5Grams pack, it is on sale for $20.00 ..
Black Diamond 3g
The Black Diamond 3g has found an importance in the incense industry as it is the most rare quali..
$23.00 $19.00
Blaze 2G
BLaze is Max Concentration SKUNK comes in 2 Grams Bag and it is only $18.00 Disclaimer: This prod..
Blue Caution 4 Grams
CAUTION::his is one of the strongest products out in the market. If you are looking for potency t..
Bomb Marley 4G
Bomb Marley is the best Jamaican Potpourri known to history Enjoy!! Lab certified: Does not conta..
Code Black Black Label
Buy 1 case (12 pieces) at $200 and save $100   that's 33% off from the original pric..
$300.00 $200.00
D2E Reggie 10g
The D2E Reggie 10g is a huge tool for grand celebration. Many people have shown their outstanding..
Diablo flavored Herbal incense 4 Grams Jars
Brand New and Now in Extra Fresh jars, Diablo is creating a huge buzz. With its new blend and eve..
Based on 5 reviews.
Diablo Kush Jar (4g)
You can quickly get Diablo Kush Jar (4g) package for yourself as it has become the best content f..
Down2 Earth REGGIE 10G
Down 2 earthclimaxxx.... potpourri and herbal incense is a fresh blend of damiana with purple chr..
Based on 2 reviews.
El Pollo 10G
One of our newest high end products is  El Pollo Herbal Potpourri , and only offered at $42...
Brand New and Now in Extra Fresh jars, FLAVORED DIABLO HERBAL INCENSE 1.5g (Jar) is creating a hu..
$15.00 $12.00
Based on 12 reviews.

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